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Good to Know

Professional traditional dry cleaning
When items are cleaned professionally, various organic or water-based solvents are used. Therefore, labelling on caring for your clothing is different for dry cleaning and water-based cleaning (aqua laundry).

The letters inside the circle are intended for fabric care professionals. They provide information on and name the solvent that may be used.
The line under the circle indicates that restrictions are imposed on the professional dry cleaning process. This may mean less mechanical action and/or a specific cleaning and/or drying temperature, less water in the bath of solvent.
Professional water-based cleaning (aqua laundry)
Professional water-based cleaning is a care process for fabrics that can be dealt with in water by fabric care professionals using special processes (washing, rinsing and spin-drying) and additional detergents and products to limit any damage to the fabrics.
The specifications of this professional equipment, the requirements for additional products used and the finishing methods cannot be carried out in the cycles programmed into your washing machine at home.

Average weight of your wash (for the laundry by weight service)
Laundry Weight
Adult pair of trousers or jeans between 800 g and 1 kg
Adult pair of cotton trousers between 400 g and 800 g
Jogging pants 350 g
T-shirt between 150 g and 200 g
Pullover or Sweat-shirt between 200 g and 250 g
Light dress 150 g
Adult cotton pyjamas 250 g
A pair of socks 20 g
Bath towel 700 g
Terry towel 300 g
The laundry weight values given above are approximate average values, given as a rough guide. They must not be assumed to reflect the actual weight of your wash when requesting the laundry by weight service. Only an accurate weighing system can determine the actual weight of your wash. However, they do give you an idea of the weight of your order.


WITH NO GUARANTEES : This reservation does not guarantee the result of the treatment. Indeed, trims, buttons and ornaments may be damaged during cleaning.

SHINE / WEAR : The item of clothing is received with traces of shine or wear.

STAIN : The item of clothing is received with stains which are too deeply ingrained to be treated.

TEAR / HOLE : The item of clothing is received damaged, with a hole or a tear.

DISCOLOURATION : The item of clothing is received discoloured or may be discoloured during treatment.

FELTING :  Natural fibre (wool) in contact with water.

FIBRILLATION : Weakening of the fibre of the fabric with a risk of tearing.